Products & Services

Whatever your welding needs are, we have the solution. We deal in all kinds of welding equipments and technologies like MMAW, AC Arc Welding, Inverter Based MMA/TIG welders, Thyristor CO2/MIG/MAG Welding, Digital MIG/MAG Welding Machines,Submerged Arc Welding Systems and Plasma Welding Machines.

We have systems which are simple in structure, good performance, reliable and durable, and easy for maintenance...



JJ Engineers can integrate a robotic welding system for any application - from spot and arc welding, to laser and MIG.Robotic welding offers advantages for products and companies. Cut costs and conserve materials, increase ROI, repeatability and weldment consistency with robot welding automation.

JJ Engineers offer solutions of welding rotator, positioner, column & boom, manipulator and turning table, used for assisting to weld tank, vessel, boiler, wind tower or other pressure containers.


JJ engineers offer cutting systems which are perfect for use in metal fabricating shops or as supplemental equipment to heavy duty cutters in large plants, shipyards, or mills. Our line of CNC cutting machines covers a wide variety of uses and industries.

These machines are excellent choices for the entry-level manufacturers, schools, small fabricators, and even high-volume HVAC shops.

We have a wide range of plasma cutting machines. These machines are extremely flexible and can accommodate numerous cutting processes, including oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, oxy-fuel beveling, plasma beveling, plasma marking, punch marking, ink jet marking, zinc marking, drilling, and routing.


Now you can easily fasten a wide range of ductile metals without the expense of screws, staples, pre-punched holes, welding or riveting. JJ Engineers' unique punch-in fastening system produces virtually leakproof locks and completely eliminates the time and money wasted on refinishing burned or scratched painted metal surfaces.


We deal in various types of Fire Protection Equipments to cater to the needs of small to very large Industrial houses and manufacturing units.

At JJ Engineers we fabricate and Install the best fire protection systems available. We are committed to delivering quality fire protection systems with qualified employees and the best materials and equipments possible.

Fire protection and detection systems are designed to Minimize Delays and Keep Our Clients In Business after a fire incident.