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February 03, 2012
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Welding is a method of providing a high strength joint between components. Welding can be used on a wide variety of engineering materials, metals and non-metals.

A large amount of welding is done by manual techniques where an electric arc or a gas flame is used to melt the metal in the joint. The welder is in direct control of the process, making judgements that decide the quality of the finished weld.

There are four main manual welding processes:

  • Manual Metal Arc (MMA)
  • Metal Inert Gas/ Metal Active Gas (MIG/MAG)
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
  • Oxyfuel Gas
Welding engineering as a career  
  • It is one of the few remaining crafts used in manufacture and construction - the quality of the weld is dependent on the knowledge and skill of the welder/operator
  • There is a real shortage of skilled labour
  • There is the continuing challenge of developing new skills to meet different situations
  • Skills and qualifications obtained in this country are valid worldwide
  • It is not confined to one industry. Welders are required for applications as diverse as jet engine manufacture, bridge building, laying cross country pipelines, underwater welding and fabricating equipment in exotic materials such as titanium
  • Welding is a wide field - there is always an opportunity to learn more about the many processes and techniques
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